Healing Emotional Eating Course

Say goodbye to emotional eating and unlock control over your feelings and emotions.

Get lasting transformation

No more crash diets. No more yoyo weight loss. Only lasting change.

"Food is the only thing that makes me feel better"

Discover a world where this is not true. Learn how to truly identify what your body is trying to tell you and give it what it needs. Hint, it is usually not food.

Here's What You'll Learn

  • Learn to identify and understand your emotional eating habits.

  • Uncover the triggers that set off emotional eating episodes, gaining clarity on your unique emotional patterns.

  • Learn practical techniques to manage the challenge of intense feelings effectively.

  • Deep level healing with the true emotions driving your eating habits.

  • Empowered living and a more balanced relationship with food and your body

Experience healing in your relationship with food, achieve long-term transformation and personal growth.

The Power of the Subconscious

When you sign up for this transformative emotional eating course, you'll immediately receive an exclusive hypnosis track as a bonus. This powerful tool is designed to address your subconscious, making your shift towards healthier habits easier and quicker.

Personalized Action Plan

Build a personalized, step-by-step strategy tailored to your journey, ensuring sustained progress.

Explore alternatives to soothing with food, discovering a mindful and balanced approach to emotional well-being.

Learn how to shift quickly in the moment to release overwhelm.

Summary of What You Get

  • Comprehensive modules designed by Dr. Aalia Al-Barwani to help you break free from the cycle of emotional eating and transform your relationship with food.

  • Detailed workbook with practical tools to guide you step by step on how to achieve emotional freedom.

  • When you join, you'll gain access to our online community lead by Dr. Aalia Al-Barwani, MD that offers support, accountability, and expert sessions to help you maximize your journey.

  • Bonus hypnosis track designed to help you reprogram your subconscious mind for lasting change.


Ana Bonazza- Image Consultant & Mindset Coach

This course was a great gift for me, it allowed me to recognize with neutrality how I was dealing with my emotions through food was liberating. Thanks to Albidaya (Wellness) for the techniques you shared, the hypnosis audio helped me so much to start with new habits like mindful and intuitive eating.

Amal B- Information Systems Analyst

Since starting the course, my relationship with food has notably improved, fostering mindfulness in my eating habits. The tapping technique, initially met with skepticism, proved instrumental in addressing stress-induced cravings, diminishing my reliance on emotional eating. Through this program, I gained valuable insights into the emotional drivers behind my eating habits. I confidently recommend it to others grappling with emotional eating, given its structured approach and effective tools for navigating these challenges. Additionally, the course deepened my understanding of the emotions driving my eating habits, making it a helpful resource for anyone facing similar challenges.

Carole- Homeschooling mama

There were some eye-opening ways of thinking about this area of my life and reflecting on my experience that I had not considered before. I really appreciated the explanations and the prompts. Everything was laid out in a logical, helpful manner. I experienced positive, unexpected internal shifts as I asked my subconscious some questions and received answers. I loved the practical list of coping strategies and planning out what situations (emotional states) to apply them in. I feel prepared to deal with emotions as they come up and support myself in healthy ways instead of relying on unhealthy food to soothe myself. Thank you!!

Pina- Mum, corporate woman, mindset coach

Definitely the hypnosis session is something that I would recommend to anyone who wants to shift their paradigm about eating. I really loved all the energetic practices to release the emotional blocks around eating. The workbook is also very powerful.


Who is this course for?

This course is for women struggling with emotional eating, seeking to gain control over their responses to intense emotions and develop healthier relationships with food.

Who is this course not for?

This course may not be suitable for women looking for quick fixes. If you're not ready to reflect on your eating habits or make changes, this course may not be the right fit for you. This is not meant to replace medical advice, if you have an eating disorder or think you may have one please seek medical/mental counseling and care.

How do I know this will work for me?

By engaging with our instructional videos, interactive workbook, and personalized strategies, you'll learn valuable insights and practical skills to navigate emotional eating effectively.

How long will it take me to finish this course?

On average, it takes about 4 weeks to complete the course material. To maximize your experience, there are various exercises that involve reflection and practical application. There’s no rush, so take your time to make this journey truly impactful for you.

Are the results guaranteed?

While we provide comprehensive tools and support for transformation, individual results may vary based on your commitment and engagement with the course materials.

What if I want to upgrade to a live coaching course?

If you're interested in further support, you will soon have the option to upgrade to our live coaching course for personalized guidance and additional accountability. We will reach out to you when it becomes available, and you will be eligible for special pricing!

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